🎖️Artillery Guns Arena sniper Defend & Destroy Tanks

WW2 battle shooting USSR army simulator, try to kill all waves of enemy tanks.

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You will have a choice of several types of shells such as armor-piercing, high-explosive and sub-caliber with their strengths and disadvantages.


⭐Ability to arouse Allied support in the form of a T 34 tank, airstrike and Katyusha field rocket artillery systems.


⭐Test guns such as “53-K”, “ZIS-2”, “ZIS-3”, “BS-3”. Upgrade your gun.


⭐Destroy legendary tanks such as Panzer 3, IV, Hetzer, Tiger, Tiger 2, Mouse.


⭐System of modular damage knock down the tracks or undermine the ammunition by hitting the tower.


⭐System of achievements and daily tasks.